TOUS introduces ‘TO LOVE IS TO DISCOVER’, its latest creative idea for Valentine’s Day

TOUS introduces ‘TO LOVE IS TO DISCOVER’, its latest creative idea for Valentine’s Day

Far from the cliché of romantic love, the campaign brings curiosity back into the center of relationships.

The collection, which comprises a complete offer of jewelry, handbags and watches, redefines the heart as a metaphor for inclusivity.

TOUS, the jewelry firm that makes creativity and self-expression shine, is exploring love from the point of view of curiosity.

At TOUS, they believe that to love is to keep on discovering things about our loved one, turning curiosity and discovery into what powers the relationship. And so, the brand’s new creative idea, TO LOVE IS TO DISCOVER, was born. Inspired by Valentine’s Day, it takes two forms.


Starring the model Hanne Gaby and her partner, John Yawn, this tells us the story of real love, far removed from the usual romantic clichés of Valentine’s Day. In this audiovisual piece, the couple ask each other questions and keep getting to know the other person little by little, with each answer. This organic conversation between the two captures the spirit of the collection and the campaign’s concept: TO LOVE IS TO DISCOVER: that love means not stopping being curious about the other person, but carrying on being surprised by them, every day.


Stemming from this idea of universal love and the diversity of couples, their stories and questions, TOUS presents a collection which reinterprets the heart and turns it into a metaphor for inclusivity. Based on volume trends, it showcases different designs that emphasise rounded and abstract shapes. Voluminous maxi hearts with a matt finish, ex-voto hearts and heart hallmarks are all featured in a collection that is available in sterling silver, sterling silver vermeil and 18kt yellow gold.

The range is completed with other collections such as Tabit, Iris and Bold Motif, as well as Karat watches and TOUS Carol accessories, made in padded fabrics and in an assortment of colors.