TOUS presents the evolution of its brand and corporate purpose

TOUS presents the evolution of its brand and corporate purpose

Self-expression and creativity, at the heart of the brand’s evolution.

This process is manifested in new customer relationship formulas, in the exploration of visual codes and in the presentation of a new logo.

TOUS synthesizes the essence of the brand's evolution in a new campaign that draws it deeper into fashion territory.

TOUS, as a jewelry company that shines with creativity and self-expression, presents the evolution of its brand and corporate purpose. In this new phase, the brand will focus on three attributes: boldness, creativity and a sense of humor, reflected in a reinterpretation of its three core symbols: the color pink, the bear and tenderness. Within this context it has also defined its corporate purpose: We craft a world of joy. These six words summarize what has driven the company throughout its history and what will guide it in the future, always accompanied by a manifesto which allows for adaptation to different markets: "At TOUS we create, design and forge a world made with our hands and our hearts. A world that inspires joy, hope and passion to help people feel better. Because the world of TOUS can’t be explained; it has to be felt". TOUS at its best

In 2020, on the occasion of the brand’s 100-year anniversary the company looked courageously to the future and embarked on a cross-cutting transformation based on three strategic lines: customer orientation, sustainability and enhanced efficiency

As part of this transformation, the brand has evolved in a process that has seen TOUS elevated to its highest level and committed to its most important legacy: the individual expression and creativity embodied in its jewelry. This is a concept that emerged thanks to the perspicacity of Rosa Oriol, who understood back in the seventies that society was changing, and that people felt a stronger connection to jewelry that transcends special events to become part of their everyday lives.

This idea of self-expression through fashion has grown even stronger in the current context, serving as an intergenerational element that connects with both TOUS’ current and future audiences. So, the company has gone one step further and has chosen to make it the central theme of its evolution, taking the form of a comprehensive overhaul of customer relations, the exploration of visual codes and the presentation of a new logo.

In the design area in particular, the company is implementing increasingly collaborative creative processes. As part of the redefinition of its relationship with customers, the company has adopted a drop strategy for its collections, increasing the frequency with which new products are launched in order to connect with fashion trends and create key accessories for everyday styles. Similarly, and in line with the idea of individual expression, pieces that lend themselves to multiple combinations play a prominent role and the company continues to experiment with new materials that work with different textures and colors.

As a symbol of the relevance of this evolution, the company has redesigned the logo first launched in the nineties. The new logo boasts a strong typographic design, at once robust and friendly due to its rounded shapes, which allows for greater customization and is easier to read in the digital environment.

Notable among the new aesthetic codes that represent the evolution of the brand is the iconic bear, which is transformed into a source of creativity in a three-dimensional interpretation.This increases the brand’s capacity for creative expression and opens up the possibility of connecting with new territories.