MARCH 2022

Tamara Falcó presents the Collection Tamara Falcó X TOUS jointly with TOUS’ Director of Design

Tamara Falcó presents the Collection Tamara Falcó X TOUS jointly with TOUS’ Director of Design

Tamara Falcó Preysler presented Tamara Falcó X TOUS, the jewelry firm’s new joint project with the designer, yesterday in Madrid. This collection reflects Tamara’s personality and style through her creations. To create it, the TOUS ambassador traveled through her memories, experiences and feelings.

At the TOUS store located on Madrid’s Calle Serrano, Tamara herself explained the creative process for this collection, which is now on sale: “For this first collection, I was inspired by the simple, delicate beauty of the classic medallion, my favorite piece of jewelry, and using symbology as the main element.”

Tamara Falcó’s proposal for TOUS is composed of 10 pieces (six medallions, three bracelets and a necklace, which capture her inner self. As always, Tamara Falcó puts something of herself in everything she does.

Falcó went on to add: “This has been a real challenge for me as a designer, to turn my thoughts and feelings into jewelry making, a discipline I had never worked in, but one that gets you hooked. I also enjoyed great support throughout the process from the TOUS design team, which brought out the best in me. This first collection is a big responsibility but it is also a validation that demonstrates the trust they placed in me.”

Israel López Roca, TOUS’ Director of Design, who accompanied Tamara yesterday, pointed out that “the collection reflects Tamara's personality and concerns. She has been 100% involved in the creation process, and the results show that. Tamara knows what she likes, and the pieces are very consistent with her taste; a mixture of elegance and naturalness that is reflected in Tamara Falcó x TOUS collection”.

The symbology of each piece is the common thread that runs through this Tamara Falcó collection for TOUS.

Cross: its four equal arms create a symmetrical figure that represents balance and protection.

Fleur de Lis: this representation of the lily flower is linked to strength, honor, loyalty, purity and body/mind balance.

Lily: the symbol of innocence and purity par excellence, the lily relates to love and kindness.

Star: it represents light, energy and vastness. The star is considered an endless source of inspiration and a guide to destiny. It also symbolizes balance and harmony.

All the pieces are produced in silver vermeil (silver plated with 3 microns of 24k gold), using different traditional methods used in crafting medallions.

The collection is available at all TOUS stores in Spain, its online store and TOUS points of sale inside El Corte Inglés department stores.