MARCH 2022

TOUS goes all-in on customizing the shopping experience with its new mobile app

TOUS goes all-in on customizing the shopping experience with its new mobile app

The app is now available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from from Google Play and the App Store.

The company's main objective is to connect more effectively with its customers globally thanks to an advanced personal space.

TOUS, the Spanish company dedicated to the jewelry business since 1920, has launched its new app worldwide to offer a more customized experience to its customers. The app is now available on Google Play and the App Store. The company thus strengthens its commitment to innovation and the omnichannel experience through a cutting-edge project for the jewelry sector.

The app, which features an innovative design in line with the brand’s image, enhances the shopping experience with features in the personal area like the management of important dates, product preferences and sizes, access to purchase history and access to the jewelry’s certificates of authenticity. Customers will also be able to manage exclusive MY TOUS program privileges and track orders in real time, as well as receive the latest news and exclusive promotions.

This initiative is part of the transformation process that the company launched in 2021, which is based on three core areas: focus on the customer and digitalization, promoting responsibility and sustainability, and reviewing processes to achieve maximum efficiency and agility. TOUS will continue to innovate in formats and boost its online channels, following market trends with the goal of staying connected to its customers.

“With the launch of this app, we are advancing in our goal of being increasingly more connected to our customers. This project, framed within our transformation strategy, is really exciting for us and means we can continue advancing along the omnichannel path. In short, in an increasingly digitized world, we will continue to innovate and work to add value to our customers and our industry,” says Carlos Soler Duffo, CEO of TOUS.