APRIL 2022

TOUS recognized with award from Forbes Credit Suisse for its commitment to sustainability

TOUS recognized with award from Forbes Credit Suisse for its commitment to sustainability

La primera edición de los premios Forbes Credit Suisse ha reconocido la trayectoria de TOUS en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad y la aplicación transversal de valores sostenibles en su actividad

La Escuela TOUS de Joyería y Oficios Artesanos ha sido destacada entre las iniciativas sostenibles que desarrolla dentro de su actividad

TOUS is one of the companies honored by the Forbes Credit Suisse Sustainability Awards for its commitment to sustainability. These awards, which are being held for the first time this year, recognize the trajectory and the efforts of Spanish family-owned businesses that strive to develop sustainable policies in their businesses.

The panel of judges considered the involvement and commitment of TOUS to the development of special sustainability initiatives, as well as the policies that foster a commitment to sustainability through partnerships and actions with a social impact.

The award was accepted by Rosa Tous, Corporate Vice President of TOUS, who stressed that "sustainability is intrinsic to the jewelry industry and to TOUS, since we understand jewelry as something that is created to last and to be passed down from generation to generation. We are convinced that the union of beauty and sustainability leads to a more beautiful universe. So TOUS continues to grow in an ethical and sustainable way, focusing on the community and promoting actions that have a positive impact."

The TOUS Jewelry Trade and Artisans School (ETJOA), the first socio-educational project in the jewelry sector promoted by the firm, was recognized from among the Group’s sustainable initiatives for its unique nature and traction power. 2022 marks the schools fourth year and its partnerships with ten prestigious international jewelry schools. The project has a noticeable impact in two key areas: on the one hand, preservation of artisanship by developing the sector’s future talent, and on the other, dissemination of jewelry restoration techniques.