MARCH 2018

Women represent 85% of the entire TOUS
human capital i

Women represent 85% of the entire TOUS<br/>human capital i

One more year, this March 8 is celebrated the International Women's Day. It is a date renowned around the world that serves to commemorate the advances around gender equality and raise awareness about the problems of inequality that persist in society. A context that is not foreign to the world of jewellery, a sector in which many years ago the figure of man predominated.

Alba Tous, TOUS’ chairwoman, recalls that all jewellery fairs she attended with her mother and sisters, "they looked at us with distrust if my father would not accompany us". He adds: "It was something that made my mother very angry, but fortunately in the jewellery business now the presence of the woman is much more current. Even jewelers were always men and my mother started hiring jewellery women because they had some manual skills that made them specialists in very specific jobs "

Until today, the presence of women has always been latent at all levels of the organization. Currently, TOUS management team is composed of 45% women, since 10 out of the 22 members are women. Regarding the international human capital, the percentage of women represented around the world is 85%. In line with these numbers, the people who form TOUS have shown day after day that through mutual respect it is possible to design, implement and maintain a successful equality plan..

Beyond promoting the role of women in the fashion/jewellery business, it is essential to consolidate mutual respect and equal opportunities through the implementation of an ethical code. Specifically, the Code of Ethics of the TOUS Group, stipulates that no discrimination against a person based on their ideology, religion or beliefs, their belonging to an ethnic group, race or nation, their sex, sexual orientation, family situation is admitted, nor illnesses or disabilities are.